GOG.com relaunches

It may go down as the worst PR stunt of the year, but we’re pretty sure our friend Mr Kotick will surpass it sooner or later to take the crown for “Worst PR Stunt Ever.” Anyway, here’s the skinny on what’s up and going down with those fine people at Good Old Games:

Following a period of downtime, which was accompanied by woeful, but slightly unbelievable and carefully-worded, tales of closure and technical issues, gog.com is set to finally leave its beta training wheels behind and advance to the full-blown retail site for classic and not-so-classic (but still awesome) games that it’s meant to be. The site will relaunch tomorrow at 12:00 South African time with new features and a brand new addition to its catalogue – the much-anticipated Baldur’s Gate with its expansion.

New features to look forward to include: almost completely redesigned web code to speed up browsing and handle more users; more games compatible with modern OSes; a download speed calculator; recommended games based on those you enjoy; game highlights based on actual user feedback rather than the crap you find on the back of a game box; and the disappearance of that fairly awful download manager. Now we just need to wait for them to implement a proper client (read: something like Steam), and we’ll be completely over this whole ordeal.

Love it or loathe it, it’s good to have our good friends at gog.com back in the saddle and ready to move into a bright and sunny future.

GOG is dead! Long live GOG!