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NAG Case Mod: Started some aluminium work!

If you can recall, I was planning on fitting the LCD inside the case, on top of a divider that will separate the motherboard area from the PSU area. I have actually decided against that, because the idea I want for this project is that it’s as CLEAN as can be. I don’t want any clutter in this case, and I just felt like the LCD would create a really destructive atmosphere if I left it where I originally wanted it. So I changed my plans a little bit.

The case has two panels that the optical drives and hard disks are held in place by, like any case:

Now, if you can recall from what I mentioned in a previous update, these panels will be getting covered up, so as to hide all the holes and such. The problem with this, however, is that there are so many little pieces of aluminium sticking out the side of this panel, which I’d need to remove in order to get the cover in place. This is a photo from a previous update of the replacement cover:

Of course, that cover is still going to undergo a lot of work. That was just the test fit.

So, I needed to start hacking away at the case’s panels to get rid of all of those little pieces of alu. In order to do so, I first had to get those panels off, and this proved to be far more work than I was anticipating. I ended up having to remove that whole section. The whole case is held together by rivets, which I had to drill out with my Dremel:

Then there were four down the front that I had to get rid of, and two along the bottom.

Once all of those were out, I needed to do the same along the other side, and then I had this:

Then I had to get all of this apart. Those three little dividers are what was holding this together:

The panel on the left is the one that needed the most work. Particularly because of these three guys:

I yanked out the three clips for the optical drives:

And then I had to start hacking away at all the little alu bits in the way. So I masked up an area of that panel:

And….. KAPOW!

That was all the rough cutting with my Dremel. Then I had to sit and file all of this down really nicely. This panel alone too me a whole afternoon of filing 🙁

All done, filed, and looking like it was made like this:

Then I had to do the same to the other panel. This one had much less work for me, so it was quicker.

Taped up and ready for some Dremel lovin’:

Pieces cut:

Filed down:

Perfect cuts!

Now, that LCD screen is going to fit into one of these panels. So I need to cut the hole in the panel for that screen to work through, and then obviously a hole through the cover as well. So, I masked up the panel and drew up the hole for the screen:

Then I clamped the panel down onto my Dremel Project Table, grabbed my 4000 series, and cut:

After a fair amount of time filing the edges, I was left with a perfect cut:

Now, here’s an idea of how the screen will sit. Just remember that there will be a completely clean cover over this panel with a hole for the screen, so you won’t see any ugly holes 🙂

I’ve sent all the panels off to laser cutters to be cut, and they should be done in a couple of days.

I also spent quite some time researching bending breaks, because I need one for this project. They turned out to be somewhat expensive for their application (in my opinion, at least), so I ended up making one myself, and it works SO well. More details on that in the next update.

The next update will explain how the screen will be held in place, and shed some light on the cooling that will be used.

That’s about it for now. I hope you’ve enjoyed this post. As always if you’d like to get hold of me, drop me an email. Alternatively, you can follow me on twitter (@dae_ja_voo) for real-time modding updates, like quick photos I throw up with my phone. Also, be sure to check out my website ( for any updates/news on any other projects I may be working on.



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