South Africa’s foremost expo of all things gaming has kicked off for 2010. Some call it the gaming highlight of the year.  Others name it the Best Expo Evar. Some even refer to it as Nerdvana. We call it rAge.

This year’s event has all the butt-kicking, boss-fragging, monkey-punching fun that the gaming public have come to crave and demand – incredible prizes, tournaments, informative demonstrations and vast quantities of delicious gaming excellence. Once more there is a monster PC to be won courtesy of NAG, a seriously spectacular system worth R60 000, housed in the imposing Thermaltake Level 10 case. In addition there is a unique  custom modded Lian-Li chassis up for grabs – this a true work of art crafted by the incredibly skilled hands Ettiene “DaeJaVoo” Venter.

The dedicated and faithful began queuing in the early hours of the morning and lines for both main expo and LAN event wound around a significant portion of the Dome’s circumference. At the stroke of oh-ten-hundred hours a Zergling rush of countless eager gamers stormed the front desks, leaving the Terran defenders stunned. Fortunately, the invaders were more interested in the what lay beyond than razing buildings…

Gamers will be thrilled to see the cornucopia of fresh and tasty games on display, including highly anticipated titles like Dead Rising 2, Assassin’s Creed: BrotherhoodDead Space 2, F1 2010, DJ Hero 2 and numerous others. For console junkies, The Kinect for Xbox 360 and PlayStation Move are out in force and both are shaping up to be incredible products.  On the PC side of things there are several great multi-screen 3D gaming setups of every shape and size as well as some truly droolsome Alienware gear. We’ll report back about hands-on experiences with all of these great developments over the course of the weekend.

This year’s LAN is another great success, boasting well over 2000 attendees, complete with steely glares and twitching mouse fingers. And to top it all off there will be an attempt at the Guinness World Record for longest continuous LAN! May caffeine be with you, stalwart gamers…

We’ll also check out live mixed martial arts cage fighting for that sought-after realistic violence (in eye-popping 3D, no glasses required!), chat with the various computer skills training people and have a look at the work of some highly talented local artists and designers.

So if you just can’t make it to rAge this year (eg. you’re trapped in your basement with a chainsaw-wielding maniac hunting for you, or running from your life from a pack of ravenous zombies) keep an eye on the NAG website for updates of awesomeness.

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