rAge Day 3

The third and final day of rAge 2010 has closed its doors, weary feet and button-fingers abound. Overall the expo was a great success, with something for pretty much everyone. If you couldn’t make it this year we’ll forgive you, and there is always next year.

We did some shredding with Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock, and while it’s milking the music game genre for yet more cash it’s the first sequel to really add new facets. Single player mode has a proper story, and your hero has to stop evil forces from releasing the God of Rock upon the world. Characters now have individual powers that affect gameplay in varied and interesting ways. Multiplayer sees some changes too, such as the ability to win a crowd over which allows a failed guitarist re-enter rather than simply losing the round outright. So if your partner sucks at the axe you can rip up a storm to compensate for his lack of metal.

Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood sees your character at the pinnacle of his career, with the ability to hire assassinlings, train them in the deadly arts, and send them on missions that are beneath your attention and sublime skills. As your influence spreads you are also able to invest in the city of Rome, lifting it and it’s populace up from oppression and decay. Brotherhood finally brings multiplayer to the series – each person controls an assassin with varied disguises and equipment available, and the object is to quietly snuff out the other players. Gameplay is subtle because you can’t simply run around making with the stabby. Drawing attention to yourself marks you for what you are, so you have to be sneaky and underhanded.

For racing fans, both F1 2010 and Gran Turismo 5 were available to play. F1 offers all the tracks, cars and teams a Formula One nut could possibly want. Reckon Lewis Hamilton drives like your grandmother? This is your chance to prove it. GT5 is nearing release after a very long wait indeed, but the time has been well-spent. Each and every one of the countless driveable cars has been painstakingly modelled all the way down to individual exhaust notes. Huge amounts of customisation and tuning contribute to a very versatile game.

The Frontosa and ASUS stands had some awesome overclocking going on throughout the expo, no doubt going through gallons of liquid nitrogen. The guys involved were always happy to answer questions, and never seemed to tire of people asking “What’s that foggy stuff coming out of that tube?” and “How fast does it run?”.

Legion Ink hosted an array of highly talented artists and designers with some truly world-class offerings from illustrations of hot babes to slavering monster sculptures to unique custom clothing. Each artist contributed their rendition of Sexy Ms. Mario and these original drawings were auctioned off for charity. It’s great to see such phenomenal skill in the local scene – keep up the great work guys!

If any of you have thought about trying your hand at making a game rather than just playing them, check out AD Game Programming Courses. They have a range of modules covering everything from the basics of programming languages to design and animation. And the best part is the courses are open to anyone in Grade 8 or older, so it’s easy to get started early while still offering the complexity required by adults.

SkyCastle games had a wide selection of board games on display for all your electricity- and upgrade-free requirements. All your favourite genres and titles are covered. Adaptations of StarCraft, Doom, World of Warcraft and many more offer some really interesting takes on video games, while the likes of Warhammer, Warhammer 40k and Call of Cthulhu present other well-known settings. Board games offer a great deal of complexity and enjoyment, and have the benefit of not needing a separate purchase for each player.

In the next few days we’ll have a retrospective, along with results of the LAN record attempt, so keep an eye / cybernetic implant / alien sensory apparatus peeled.

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