Worried that your deeds in Dragon Age: Origins will have no effect on your Dragon Age II experience? Worry no more, because BioWare’s Mike Laidlaw has said that importing your saves from the first game will be akin to importing your entire game world.

Dragon Age II

Not enough cleavage LOL

“The decisions your Warden made and the person they were all affects Dragon Age II. You know, who’s in charge of Ferelden, what happened with the Dwarves, who’s running Orzammar? All of these things are reflected and accounted for in Dragon Age II,” said Laidlaw. “I’ve always seen Dragon Age as a franchise as about more than any one character. It’s about entire an entire span of history and the whole world that’s affected by what happens.”

There you have it: all those babies you kicked and prostitutes you harassed in Dragon Age will definitely come back to haunt you in the sequel.

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