ArenaNet have unveiled the Hall of Monuments Reward Calculator, a feature for Guild Wars 2 that lets you calculate rewards that you’ll receive in the sequel based on your achievements in Guild Wars, Guild Wars Factions, Guild Wars Nightfall and Guild Wars: Eye of the North. Basically, the more your characters accomplished in the original game and its expansions, the greater the rewards that will be bestowed upon your Guild Wars 2 characters. Rewards range from weapons and armour to new pets and special character titles.

Guild Wars 2

You can learn more about this intriguing feature here. With every day that passes, my desire to play Guild Wars 2 gets a little bit stronger. It’s reached a stage now where I’d sacrifice a million baby squirrels for this game. ArenaNet: what is the appropriate number of baby squirrels I’d need to sacrifice to speed up development enough for me to get the game, oh, say, tomorrow morning maybe?