LIMBO developers hammering away at a new IP

We like LIMBO. If you want to know why, read Miklós’ review of the game. Playdead Studios, Denmark-based developers of the brilliant indie title, have announced that they’re now hard at work on a new title, one that they reckon fans of LIMBO will enjoy. “I can’t tell much, but I can tell you that if you liked Limbo, it’ll definitely be for you,” said Dino Patti, CEO of Playdead. “The gameplay style you’ll really like. You’ll feel it’s the same team who made it, but everything will be changed.”


While Patti previously stated that LIMBO will forever be an XBLA exclusive, this new IP isn’t locked down to any specific platform yet, so depending on how things go, Playdead’s next title may go the multiplatform route. “We are open for everything,” said Patti. “To be honest, we want as many people to play our games as possible. If we end up going exclusive, we may do it for various reasons, but we just want as many people to play the game as possible.”

But enough of all this multiplatform mumbo jumbo – the folks who made LIMBO are making a new game, and you should be excited. If you listen closely, you can totally hear Miklós squealing in delight somewhere in the distance…

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