“Undead Nightmare turns the world of Red Dead Redemption upside down.
The supernatural vibe and the return of some favorite characters create a whole new game inside an already incredible world.”.

— Dan Houser

What you need to know:

Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare is an upcoming downloadable expansion for Red Dead Redemption. It has around 5 hours of singleplayer campaign (not counting side-quests), new creatures, animals, outfits, weapons, challenges and a bundle of multiplayer modes.

It’ll be downloadable on October 26 (that’s for North America, so South Africa can’t be too far behind), but will also be released on disc at some future date as a standalone expansion (like The Lost and the Damned & Gay Tony retail disc for GTA 4).

It’ll cost around $10 US dollah (800 Microsoft Spacebucks…Points).

The story: overnight, a zombie plague does it’s thing on the frontier. Uninfected citizens make fortresses out of towns to fend off the moaning night. John Marston, not a zombie, has to deal with it all.

The undead don’t seem to be the traditional undead from any other popular zombie games. They’re quick, and can even run on all fours like dogs.

Our favorite bit is the new Undead Overrun multiplayer mode, where players need to fend off increasingly difficult waves of zombies.

Enough jibba-jabba – screenshots!

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