Fable is more than just a trilogy, says Molyneux

Fable III

Fable III will be out soon. Then you’ll be able to skip on over (complete with a goofy smile smeared across your face) to your nearest retailer, grab the game, hand some cash over to a friendly/indifferent/bastard cashier, skip back home, humming and whistling all the while as singing birds drape various items of clothing on you, before popping the disc into your Xbox and chopping some Balverines into bite-sized chunks as you laugh and cheer maniacally. By the time you reach the end of it, however, you may be hit with a sudden bout of overwhelming anxiety: “Wait – does that III in the title mean it’s over? Is Fable restricted to just a trilogy? That’s how these things work, right?”

Don’t worry kids – the mighty Peter Molyneux has taken the initiative and is putting an end to those anxiety attacks before they begin. 

“Forget about the word ‘trilogy’,” said Molyneux. “I hate limiting ourselves to a trilogy. I want you to feel that you’re on a journey in Fable and I’m not going to tell you what happens at the end of Fable III, but I don’t think you’ll feel in any way that you’ve reached the end of a trilogy.”

Clearly Mr Molyneux has heard of Call of Duty, which, if you’ve been counting, is now on its thousandth iteration. If Peter Molyneux commits to a CoD-style (or Guitar Hero-style) schedule, we could have Fable XIV by Q4 2011. Either way: NAG loves Peter Molyneux. NAG loves Fable. Therefore, we love this news.

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