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“Visceral Games is an awesome development studio. They’ve made gems like Dead Space and (perhaps not as shiny a gem, but I still loved it) Dante’s Inferno. They’re owned by EA. You know EA. Everyone used to hate them a few years ago because of icky DRM practices and their overbearing corporate identity. Now, it seems, they’re earning back a lot of fans and it’s largely thanks to awesome people like those who make up Visceral Games. That and Activision has taken over as the Sauron of the gaming industry.”

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Personally, I think it’s up in the air how this will turn out. As Miklós points out, Visceral has done great work with Dead Space and even managed to make Dante’s Inferno a not-totally-sucky experience. Is this EA giving the franchise to a studio they think deserves it? Is this EA giving it to Visceral to make up for the lackluster response to C&C4? Can Visceral pull off a genre they’ve not tried before (they’ve managed action survival-horror and god-of-war-alike so far, but real-time strategy is a whole different genre, no pun intended). Do you think Visceral is up to the task?

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