Have you been playing Civilization V? If not, you really should, because it’s more awesome than self-cleaning socks, and self-cleaning socks are pretty damn awesome. If you have been rocking the Civ, prepare for free stuff, because soon you’ll get a new civilization, for free and stuff. Come October 25th, everyone who owns the game will be able to roll as the mighty Mongols, led by the cute and fuzzy Genghis Khan. The Mongolian horde will get its own scenario pack as well.

In addition, the Babylonian civilization, previously exclusive to owners of the Digital Deluxe edition of Civ V, will be available to everyone as DLC. Hand over $4.99 and you’ll get access to Nebuchadnezzar’s Babylonian empire.

Now that the serious (but not really) business is out of the way, here’s Devon Stanton (from Megarom, local distributor of Civ V) dancing because he can. Devon don’t need no reason to boogie.


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