Doom, Quake and Wolfenstein co-creator (and gaming legend) John Romero has been flying under the radar for far too long. The co-founder of id Software helped shape gaming as we know it, helped mould gaming culture into what it is today. The guy’s a real hero and this is what he’s been working on (well – consulting on, to be precise). Brace yourself, because it’s… well, it’s definitely something.

Those screenshots say it all. It’s Ravenwood Fair, a Facebook app that Romero’s decided to plaster his name all over. He’s dabbled in a few things here and there over the years: from mobile games at Monkeystone Games, to MMOs over at Slipgate Ironworks. This is the furthest he’s ever departed from the Imps, mechanized Hitlers, Cyberdemons and Shub-Nigguraths that helped turn me into the gamer that I am today, but I don’t mind – Mr Romero seems pretty excited about all this Facebook stuff. To each their own and all that. For more info on Ravenwood Fair, head over to VentureBeats, where you can also find out if this cutesy casual game has got shotguns in it. It’s always useful to know that sort of thing.

While we wait patiently for news of a non-casual, shotgun-filled game from John Romero, go read this. It’s all about how FarmVille, FrontierVille and Mafia Wars developer, Zynga, transmits your personal information to ad firms and Internet tracking companies, according to a recent report from The Wall Street Journal. This is in violation of Facebook’s privacy settings and it’s causing quite a stir. How is this relevant? Well, because dozens of Facebook apps and their creators are allegedly guilty of this, including LOLapps – publisher of Ravenwood Fair.

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