A new Tribes is coming. This pleases and frightens us

Starsiege Tribes
Like this but prettier and with more 'splosions

Remember Starsiege: Tribes? Man, those were good times. Remember Tribes 2? Man, those were bug-riddled good times. Remember Tribes: Vengeance? Man, those were, erm… well, those were okay times. Not enough people played Tribes: Vengeance online to make it a good time, you see. You can only ski around a lonely map all on your lonely lonesome for so long before people start looking at you funny. Anyway, back to the point of this news post: more Tribes is incoming.

Before you faint from excitement: know that, once again, there’s a new developer at the helm. Hi-Rez Studios, developers behind Global Agenda, have acquired the rights to the Tribes franchise and are forging their own take on the series. The reason you should be afraid of this is because Global Agenda, an MMO with first-person shooter flavouring, split players and critics in two, with many arguing that the game was neither a good shooter nor a good MMO, while others went crazy for the game and instantly fell in love with it. Still, if Tribes is printed on the box when the game is released, we’re sold.

The game will utilise a modified version of the Unreal engine and promises massive online battles packed with over 100 players. There’s talk of a “full persistent world” and “huge outdoor maps” that’ll be littered with ground and air vehicles. Also, frikkin’ jetpacks are back, baby. We’re assuming skiing is a given.

It all sounds very promising so far. Please Hi-Rez: we love the hell out of Tribes, to say the least, so don’t let us down. Kthx mwah xoxo.