It’s our November issue! Gran Tursimo 5 has been delayed again but we don’t care because we’ve already had a chance to play it. Read all about our experiences in this month’s cover feature preview. And, just in case you haven’t read enough about this year’s rAge, we’ve thrown in a huge article to get you drooling for next year’s event. For our reviews, we conquer the world with Civilization V; we hack zombies to pieces in Dead Rising 2; we jump around with our monkies in Enslaved; we put Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 up against FIFA 11, and much more.

Do you want hardware? Do you love hardware? So do we! That’s why we have two crazy-filled hardware features: Neo’s epic tales of his trip to the MSI Overclocking Arena, in Taiwan, and a roundup of NVIDIA’s value-segment leader: the GTX460. We also test the Corsair P256 and V256 SSDs, the Antec DF-85 and scream along to the ASUS Xonar Xense.

Be sure to grab your copy of the November issue of NAG in stores from the 28th of October.

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