Head on over to Steam. Right now. Go ahead, it’s safe. See that? Steam’s having one of their crazy, weeklong sales again and it’s THQ that’s pricing games to go. Every day, a new set of games goes on sale. At the end of that day, the games return to their regular prices and you’ve missed out on getting them on the cheap. Bright side of that is that you’ve suddenly got a whole new bunch of stupidly cheap games to select from as the next day of the sale begins.

Red Faction

OMG ostrich hammer for $4.99. SOLD!

Today, Red Faction is up for grabs. The original Red Faction, Red Faction II and Red Faction: Guerrilla are all there and every one of them is a great game. Guerrilla in particular, which is only $4.99 right now, is a great deal considering the game is barely over a year old. That, and we really liked it. If you’ve never partaken of the series’ wanton destruction and deformable mayhem, you should check today’s sale out.

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