Joystiq has the news:

Mega Man creator Keiji Inafune has left Capcom, one month after revealing his Mega Man Legends 3 Project for 3DS, six months after being promoted to Global Head of Production and 23 years after joining the company. He was also the CEO of Capcom’s online games subsidiary Daletto.

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According to a translation of Inafune’s blog:

Inafune declared he had no more “stairs” to climb within Capcom. “It would probably be good for me to sit gracefully in this seat and become a leading figure in the industry,” he wrote. “However, I cannot do this. Settling down means death for a creator. As long as you are a creator, you cannot settle down.”

Eurogamer had an update as to his replacement:

As of 1st November, Jun Takeuchi will take on the added responsibility of corporate officer as well as his existing deputy head of consumer games and R&D Division, and general manager of R&D production.

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