RockPaperShotgun explains how an industrious StarCraft II player has written a program that “takes a population of build orders, kills off the useless ones, and has the most successful ones reproduce asexually to create a new population, which tests itself again, and so on”.

In case you don’t know, a build order in StarCraft II (or most RTS games) is a sequence that denotes what to build when for optimal opening gameplay, much like Chess openings or Go joseki. Using genetic algorithms to find new opening sequences for games like Chess and Go isn’t new, but this is the first time someone has applied it to an RTS like StarCraft II.

Currently, the topic of discussion is the “7 Roach Rush” the program has evolved.

10 extractor-trick to 11
11 overlord
11 spawning pool
15 extractor
16 queen (stop drones here)
18 overlord
18 roach warren
17 overlord (yes, two)
spawn-larva on queen when she pops
roach x7

For the full description of the what, when, how and why, read [the original article]