NAG Case mod: How do I look in white?

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I’m going to be rolling updates out a whole lot more regularly over the next while, so I hope you’re ready for this.

One of the biggest changes I’ve made to the case would have to be the colour. This is one of those changes that is so simple, but yields an amazing result. I spent an afternoon disassembling the case and sent it off to be powder-coated. Much of the case was held together with pop-rivets, which all needed to be drilled out with my Dremel. I had them powder-coat all the silver internals black, and all the black exterior was made white. The result is just amazing. Here are some photos:
Now, while the powder-coating process is fairly problem-free, there’s one thing that needs to be done once everything arrives: re-thread all the holes. The powder coating process fills the holes, which means than no screws fit anymore. Re-threading this case was a tedious job.

That’s all I’m giving you in this update 😛  In the next couple of updates I’ll be covering the amazing cooling that was given to us by LandmarkPC, as well as the installation of the 7″ LCD Screen!

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