Breaking street dates: violence edition

Black Ops

It seems Call of Duty incites unreasonable levels of desperation in fanatical gamers – at least, that’s the way we see this. While the rest of us wait patiently for the midnight launch of Black Ops tonight, two dudes in Baltimore in the US weren’t willing to wait that long to get tubed in the face.

The men, armed with semiautomatic firearms, held up a GameStop and proceeded to snag themselves 100 copies of the game. This all happened on Saturday at the store’s closing time. Two customers stopped by the store mid-robbery and were forced into a storage area. Thankfully, neither the customers nor the employees were hurt during this ultimate display of gamer impatience and the police are on the case.

Now, seeing as how this all happened on Saturday, we’re assuming the robbers have had a chance to play the game for themselves by now and therefore:

“Dear Filthy Thieves,

Could you please tell us if the game lives up to the hype? Kthx.”

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