Fight Night Champion

It’s Fight Night Champion and Ian Cummings (the creative director of Madden NFL 11) called it “f’ing amazing” after he got a chance to play it. While we’re sceptical as to whether we can trust the guy’s judgement, given that he’s part of the EA Sports team and all, it’s the fact that Fight Night Champion aims to bring the true brutality of the sport to digital life that’s got our eyebrows raised.

“As the first-ever ‘M’ rated EA SPORTS title, Fight Night Champion showcases the truest graphical representation of the sport, lifestyle, and culture of boxing with authentic and dynamic blood, realistic body damage and deformation, and mature content throughout. Experience the violence and brutality that is true to the trade.” That’s a short description of the title, taken from the game’s official site.

[Insert something here about how the game pulls no punches… You know, for the LOLs]

So that’s it then. You’ll still be able to punch people in the face, but now that face will gradually deform into gooey face-mash. Here’s a trailer so you can see exactly what EA face-mash looks like.


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