NAG Case mod: LCD installation

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One of the aspects about this mod that I’ve been particularly excited about is the little 7″ LCD. I originally mentioned the LCD in this post. This is a quick walk through on the installation. This specific LCD is one that was imported form the US, and I went with this one because it runs entirely off USB. Both signal and power come from USB, which is great!
The first thing I needed to do was tear this little guy apart and get the panel out of the big and clunky housing:
The next step was cutting the hole in the 5.25″ bay panel where this would house, but I covered that earlier. This panel was the further covered by a new panel to hide all the holes and stuff. This panel still needs to be powder coated:
I had to make little “arms” that could support the LCD and hold it in its place. I started off with little 1.2x10x25mm tabs:
In order to bend these things properly, and in such a way that doesn’t look cheap, I needed to use a bending break, which I didn’t have. So after researching these things, I was left with only one thought – “people actually BUY this stuff? It can’t be that difficult to build?”. So, after a trip to the hardware store, R42, and about half an hour’s work, I had a bending break that was absolutely perfect for what I needed:
The only thing it needed was a small hole cut in place for the “arms” to fit in for their second bend, but my monstrous Dremel 4000 series sorted that one out for me:
Using this makeshift bending break, I was able to make perfect little fasteners for the back of the LCD screen:
They’re a really good fit as well:
Once I had threaded the 3mm holes in these little fittings, I drilled all the relevant hols in the panels that would hold them in place. I used black dome screws that we imported from Germany for the mod to hold the fasteners in place, and once I had installed it all, I was left with this:
The photos really don’t do it justice. The panel looks so good!
Now, that LCD can be used as anything, really. I’ll be setting it up for system data, as mentioned above, but you could use it for movies too if you really wanted.

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