R.I.P. Halo Wars?

On December 15th Microsoft will be shutting down the leaderboards and stat-tracking for Halo Wars. The Halo Wars community (which is remarkably strong, with around 20,000 matches played on average a day), was told that the game’s website (halowars.com) will be shut down and that they should “transition” to the Halo Waypoint forums – even though there will be no dedicated Halo Wars subform there.

Developer repository website Remember Ensemble Studios writes:

Another important point to note is that competitive players who use the HaloWars.com leaderboards and statistics will be very disappointed to hear that when HaloWars.com goes down these statistics will be lost also and wont be coming back. This is undoubtedly part of Microsoft’s efforts to wind down the Halo Wars community by making competitive ranked game play impossible and providing no way for people to view game statistics. Halo Wars was released February 2009 with a meta critic score of 82. The game sold one million units worldwide through March 2009, making it the best-selling console real-time strategy game to date and yet in under 2 years Microsoft is already pulling the plug on the community.

Why Microsoft would shut down the ultra-detailed stat-tracking for Halo Wars and it’s 20,000 strong dedicated fanbase, is anyone’s guess. At least the online multiplayer will still function, as the game will receive a Title Update to disconnect it’s stat-tracking and backend from the website – but won’t include any of the necessary fixes and balance updates the game has needed for almost a year now.

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