Elder Scrolls

Okay, so we know it’s probably in development right now. It’s got to be, right? There were rumours that Elder Scrolls V would be unveiled at this year’s E3, but that didn’t happen. Todd Howard, Bethesda head honcho, previously told the world that two new games are in the works. At QuakeCon in August, Howard revealed that a two-year project being worked on by a team of 90 people was to be announced soon. He mentioned that the title is “pretty far along.”

Now there’s news (which Bethesda has declined to comment on) that a new Elder Scrolls is definitely in development, and that it’s a direct sequel to Oblivion. It’s not much to go on, but at least it’s something. We just wish they’d move away from the Gamebryo engine. That’s not going to happen though – in this interview with Eurogamer, Howard said this:

“That’s our starting point – the Fallout 3 tech,” said Howard. “The new stuff is an even bigger jump from that.”

You can put your Gamebryo-induced sad face back on now. Sorry guys.

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