Crytek, creators of Far Cry and Crysis, have just announced a new online shooter for Korean “and other Asian markets.” No word yet on whether they plan to offer it to the rest of the world.

The game is called Warface, a “near-future” shooter for the PC that promises to let players partake of some “dramatic multiplayer co-op missions.” It’s being co-produced by Crytek Seoul and, in addition to that intriguing cooperative gameplay that’s being teased, you can expect to see class-based, player-versus-player game modes as well. Warface will be built on the increasingly popular freemium business model, meaning that the game will be free to download and play, but you’ll likely have to shell out some cash for premium content.

Warface will run on Crytek’s CryENGINE 3 – the same engine powering Crysis 2. No release date has been revealed yet.

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