Your mom: can gaming smacktalk distract a real soldier boy?

Your Mom
Please note: NAG does not condone the insulting of mothers on the Internet. It's incredibly distasteful. LOL.

It’s frikkin’ Friday! You are not ready for Friday’s awesome. Chances are you’re going to enjoy some quality gaming this weekend, some of which may involve wading into online waters. Having the size and effectiveness of your reproductive organs brought into question is a pretty common event in online gaming – regardless of what platform you’re gaming on. All of us here at the NAG office have dished out and taken our fair share of smacktalk, but hilarious as it is most of the time, it does kinda distract us from doing what we came online to do in the first place: kill dudes and have fun.

As part of their Immersion series, the folks at Rooster Teeth found themselves a US Special Forces veteran and had him shoot some bullets down a firing range in the name of science and truth. The first ten shots were fired with zero distractions. For the next ten though, they unleashed the Mega 64 crew on the trained soldier. I’m not really sure insulting a man wielding a high-powered rifle is smart, but it’s definitely entertaining.

Insults are hurled, birds are flipped and LOLs are had. Here’s the video so you can see for yourself the effect of smacktalk on a US Special Forces veteran:


Seriously kids, try and keep the online interactions civil. And please – keep your opponent’s mom out of it. Mr. T will set you straight: