24 Days of Giving: Day 10

Today’s prize is a PS3Move – Quad Dock Pro, courtesy of DreamGEAR/Bowline.

Controllers not included.

The Quad Dock Pro allows you to charge up to 2 original Sony SIXAXIS™ or DUALSHOCK®3 controllers, 1 PlayStation®Move motion controller and 1 Playstation®Move navigation controller simultaneously. All docks are designed to securely fit their respective controllers and even have cutouts for wrist straps.It also has 2 powered USB ports built-in to charge other USB powered devices including another controller, a headset or keypad. It includes a 110 / 240 Volt AC adapter to allow for charging anytime and a rubberized finish for the look and feel you will not get with any other charger.

In addition, we’re also giving away an Ergo-tilt notebook riser.

It is designed and manufactured in South Africa, absolutely unique and boasts more features than any of its competitors:

  • The Ventilation design allows cool air to circulate underneath the laptop, without noisy, energy consuming fans. This reduces wear and tear on the laptop processor, keeps the speed on the up and up, ultimately prolonging the laptop’s lifespan
  • The Ergonomic design and angle of the ‘tilt’ eases stress on the back, neck, shoulders and wrists
  • Ergo-Tilt® is Lightweight, with an easy closing feature that folds flat, making it ideal for travel
  • The company and product is Socially Responsible. The packaging has no plastic, is made from recycled materials and hence easily recyclable. Assembly is performed in a sheltered workshop
  • Ergo-Tilt® boasts a five-year Warranty

To stand a chance to win this fantastic prize, either send an email to comps@nag.co.za with the subject line NAG Online – 24 Days of Giving – Day 10, with your name and physical address, or simply comment underneath this post and we’ll contact you should you win (via the email address that you used to sign up). Should you choose to ent­er by commenting, you’ll additionally be eligible to win a USB flash drive courtesy of Corex.

Please note that this competition is open to South African residents only and will close at midnight tonight. Winners will be randomly drawn and no correspondence or promises of cookies will be entered into. All winners will be drawn on the 4th of January and contacted shortly afterwards. You may enter each day’s competition once only, and may enter the competition as a whole up to 24 times.

Confused? Click here to read about the competition, why we’re doing it and why you should care.