NAG January 2011 issue

Ho ho ho and all that stuff – it’s time for the January issue of NAG! No more socks and deodorant packs for you; this holiday issue is filled with stuff you actually want. We’ll give you all the details we possibly can on the upcoming Dead Space 2; we check out The Last Guardian and we’ll tell you what matters in the world of gaming keyboards.

Our reviews are just what you need to convince those gift-givers (possibly yourself) that your Need for Speed is Hotter than ever; that your Brotherhood has been Assassinated; that your Stone is Bloody for the new James Bond; that your Front Mission hasn’t really Evolved; and that your New Vegas hasn’t succumbed to the Fallout just yet. Hey; give me a break; these are my holiday puns. My brain is still on leave.

When you’re done breaking the bank on all the awesome titles available right now, perhaps you’ll need to take out a loan to afford all the fantastic hardware you know you need. We review the Roccat Kone[+], the ASUS ENGTX580, the SAPPHIRE HD 6850 TOXIC Crossfire, the Corsair AX750 and tons more.

If my (currently on-leave) sources are correct, you should expect to see the January issue of NAG on sale on Friday the 24th of Decemeber.

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