January 27th might be the day the PSP2 is officially revealed

PSP2 Leaked Images?
Rumour has it these are leaked photos of the PSP2. The photos made their way onto the Internet a while back.

While some developers and publishers have openly stated that they’ve already been working with the PSP2 for some time, the rest of us have to rely on rumour and potentially bogus photos to create a mental image of what Sony’s new handheld will feature. According to VG247’s anonymous sources, a small number of “very select press” will be invited to join the tiny number of people who know what the hell is going on with the PSP2.

This is supposedly set to happen on January 27th, when Sony is said to be holding a “business overview and strategy meeting” in Tokyo. If this turns out to be true, we might finally get to see the PSP2 in all its glory. Of course, those all-powerful “anonymous sources” gave birth to this rumour, so this could all turn out to be an enormous load of crap.

In other rumoured PSP2 news, apparently Sony has been telling licensees (the people who will be making games for the system) that the device “‘is as powerful as the PlayStation 3.” That’s probably not entirely accurate, but with the PSP2’s smaller screen it could appear as though your games look as good as they do on the PSP2’s big brother. Good times right there.