Activision ends Guitar Hero franchise (and more)…

Yesterday: Activision officially killed the Guitar Hero franchise. The property has been shuttered, all studios involved closed. Activision has also closed or stopped funding several other studios. True Crime: Hong Kong (which we saw at E3 last year and looked mighty fine) by United Front has also been cancelled, which puts the future additions to Modnation Racers in peril as the studio has no more funding. Over 500 people have lost their jobs. FreeStyle Games are also likely to close, which cancels DJ Hero 3 and future DJ Hero 2 DLC.

Basically, Activision has cancelled everything that isn’t Call of Duty, Blizzard or the upcoming unannounced Bungie title. Oh, and Transformers: Dark of the Moon.

Earlier this year, Activision let go of Bizzare studios after the failure of Blur to perform.