Homeworld 2

This isn’t so much a news piece as it is an excuse for rampant speculation and blissfully hopeful daydreaming. THQ’s Danny Bilson has dropped a bomb on our Relic-worshipping brains, casually revealing that they’re planning to unveil Relic’s (developers of Homeworld, Company of Heroes and Dawn of War) next game in August. All we know so far is that it will be an RTS. Relic have proven time and again that they are masters of the RTS genre, so there’s no doubt this next title will be good. What’s got everyone’s panties all bunched up is what this next title could possibly be.

With Company of Heroes Online having recently been canned, there’s talk that the next title will be a new Company of Heroes – a full retail release to replace the ill-fated online iteration. There’s also a chance that it might just be another expansion for Dawn of War II, which we’re certain won’t be done expanding when Retribution hits in March. Maybe, just maybe, Relic is hard at work on a new IP that’ll blow our real-time socks off. Here at NAG, however, our hopes are set on a third Homeworld game. The cowabungalosity of that series has been missing from the world for far too long and it’s time we get some more mind-blowing, space-faring RTS action.

Feel free to discuss your own wants, wishes and desires in the comments below. Bear in mind that if you do not agree with us on the whole Homeworld 3 thing, you’re totally not invited to NAG’s annual Homeworld luau. And those are always f***ing awesome.

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