Telltale walks the dead

A videogame based on the The Walking Dead TV series (which is in turn based on the excellent comic book series of the same name) has been rumoured since long before the show first aired last year. Now those rumours have been made official and it turns out that Telltale Games (Strong Bad’s Cool Game for Attractive People, Tales of Monkey Island) are at the helm for this project.

Speaking with All Things Digital, Telltale’s Steve Allison said that they want to see “one million digital downloads” for this new title and believes that “The Walking Dead could become a $20 million to 30 million franchise if all goes well.” Those are some bold claims, but we hope Telltale pulls it off. Also revealed was a Telltale-developed videogame adaptation of the absolutely brilliant comic book series Fables. Both games are expected to be episodic adventures, but we’ll keep you posted as details trickle out.