Would you kindly watch this Depth GDC trailer?

Depth is an upcoming indie multiplayer game that pits humans against sharks. If your brain immediately came to the conclusion that it’s obviously cooperative then (human players versus AI-controlled sharks), your brain would be dead wrong. Instead, one team of humans controls the treasure-hunting divers, while another team of humans controls the diver-hunting sharks. I’ll let the beauty of that premise sink in for a moment…


Right, let’s move on. The developers have released a new trailer for the game and it looks deliciously intense and atmospheric. It’s kind of like capture the flag, but with sunken treasure as the flags. Oh – and sharks. The divers have stealth and a bunch of nifty weapons and gadgets on their side, while the sharks have teeth, speed and more teeth on theirs. There’s a downside to playing as a shark – they’re great at sensing blood and motion, but their natural visual acuity sucks, so if the divers don’t move, the sharks supposedly won’t be able to see them. They’re basically blind, but those terrifying teeth clearly make up for that. We’re not yet sure how the developers plan to implement this dodgy eyesight in the game, but we’ll know soon enough. Oh – and sharks.

Here’s the trailer: