Console gaming is “dying” says Angry Birds boss

Image courtesy (blatantly stolen from) Gadgetsteria

Reported from “Rovio’s Peter Vesterbacka has claimed that console games are “dying”, as he criticised both the full price console games model and the “casual” games label.”

Rovio is the developer responsible for Angry Birds: a Crush the Castle clone with decent art and some attitude. It’s had a sparkling success on the Apple iStore, being that “hot new thing everyone is playing right now”.

He is right in one respect, when Vesterbacka suggested this was because mobile games developer are more “nimble” and able to develop and release new content more quickly.

Vesterbacka went on to complain about the label “casual games”, which is a fair bone to pick. The label of casual game is applied retroactively for the most part, when people decide if they like or hate a thing. Some people who hate certain types of games, will dismiss them as “casual” just to stroke their own egos. You get the idea.

Even so, with 100 million downloads (most of them the free version),  the developer recently announced a $42 million funding deal, led by venture capitalist firm Accel Partners.

Angry Birds (in culture)
Angry Birds (in cake)
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