Gadzooks! Everything has changed!

Welcome to the updated NAG Online! Since the revamped site has been running for about two years, we felt it was time for a visual overhaul. We went in with one goal in mind: easier reading with fewer clicks for you by changing to a more traditional blog format. This means that most  short news posts (like this one) will be readable in their entirety from the home page, although all other articles can be read entirely by clicking on the “Read More” button just below the post preview.

We’ve added in a ton of little things here and there, changed the colour scheme a bit and made things look a little slicker and a bit better (we think). Of course, all of these changes are for you, our readers, so please let us know exactly what you think. Post a comment here (by clicking on the red speech bubble icon just below this post) or send an email to

This redesign also marks the beginning of the next phase of NAG’s online presence. Expect big things to come in the near future, in the form of more regular content: news, reviews, previews, and opinions. If everything goes well, there’s no stopping the cool stuff that’s going to begin popping up on the website over the coming years.

A few things still need to be addressed/fixed/changed, but there’s a good chance that we’ll miss a couple of details along the way. If something looks odd or out of place to you, please don’t hesitate to let us know.

This is also a good opportunity to mention our new Facebook page. It’s like the NAG Facebook group, but better (in theory) and currently empty. If you’d like to show your support for NAG, click the “Like” button on the page or in the Facebook feed on the right-hand side of this screen. If you do, you could be in for a few treats in the near future. Good karma and positive vibes will come immediately.