What do you want?

You. Out there. Yes you, staring at the page. Why are you here? WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM US?! You can’t be here for news, because let’s face it, there are a billion giant websites that have millions of college students writing for them every second of every day and they get paid.

But if you are here for news, why? What kind of news do you expect from us? How could we possibly please you, when we have no idea what your needs or desires are?

Do you want gaming news? Are you here for… opinions? Do you crave some kind of NAG flavour that only we, holders of the sacred tiki-idol of NAG, can provide?

Or are you only here to try and win free stuff because your parents won’t buy you that game you wanted for Christmas.

Well? There’s a comment link below this post, that’s for commenting on things such as this.

(Image from the amazing Ratfist)