I hate April Fools

So here is a listing of the good ones that I personally feel don’t waste your time by being utterly stupid. List will update as more people try to be silly on Useless Internet Day.

Guild Wars 2: Commando

This is classy, and a lot of people will probably wish it were true. BONUS: If you go to Embark Beach in Guild Wars 1, there is a helicopter with a surprise.

Diablo III: Horadrapp

If only we could transmute our apps on the iPhone into better ones.

Gmail Motion

Motion-crazy, is the world. Lick your nose to send email.

Duke Nukem Forever: Poop and Jetpack

Is this really an April Fools? Hard to say!

Minecraft: Item Store

Try checking out an item, and adding more than 10k to the total.

YouTube: 1911

Click the 1911 mode button to see what life was like before, well, everything!

Mega Man Legends Reboot

Silly, but worth it for the ‘modern’ Mega Man concept art.

Taito Releases 48 Screen Darius in Arcades

The Japanese are classy at this.

Halo: Dance Central

The video is worth it.