Magicka: Vietnam gets release date

Here at NAG, we love Magicka. Arrowhead Game Studios has made a gem of a title, even if it took a while for the multiplayer elements to be fixed. Still, there’s nothing quite like splattering five goblins at once with a well-timed QRQRQRSA spell; try it… it’s awesome.

A few months ago, Arrowhead blindsided their fans by announcing an expansion to Magicka, which will be set in Vietnam during the Vietnam War. It’s crazy, but so damn awesome. Your wizard will even get a Vietnam-cliché-approved bandana to wear. You can prepare to love the smell of arcane in the morning on 14 April, when the expansion becomes available via all major digital distributors for $4.99.

As an added bonus, if you’re into playing the multiplayer mode in Magicka (and honestly who isn’t; accidentally turning your teammates into a red mist with a badly aimed meteor shower makes for serious lulz) you’ll be pleased to know that only one person needs to own the expansion for everyone to be able to play it in multiplayer. Hooray!

Source: Kotaku