You can throw crap around in Duke Nukem Forever

And we don’t mean that they’ve added a Half-life 2 gravity gun rip-off, we mean that you can literally make Duke pull a chocolate log out of a toilet bowl, and throw it around. Does this game know no bounds? Has it really stooped to this level of depravity? Is it truly this awesome? See for yourself; there are two, extra fresh trailers after the jump.

In the other trailer, Duke has to make an emergency landing after getting thrown off the top of a building. He has a number of options at his disposal in order to see that he makes a safe getaway, and naturally he opts for the goriest.

In related news: I totally cannot wait for this game to come out.

[youtube]WALA791OZ_4[/youtube] [youtube]1I_j1AzOOSk[/youtube]