New Max Payne 3 details emerge

Thanks goodness; I was beginning to wonder whether we’d ever hear more about this game. New details on Rockstar’s next action game have been unveiled in EDGE magazine. It sounds as if the project is getting a lot of attention as four separate Rockstar studios are now working on the title.

Headed by Rockstar Vancouver, the teams at London, Toronto and New England have come on board as well, giving the third instalment of Max Payne a serious talent pool to draw from.

Max Payne 3 is set seven years after the events of The Fall of Max Payne. Payne is no longer with the NYPD and is now a private contractor to a security firm in Brazil. The plot will also jump back and forth in time, which explains the Max in the header image above. Don’t panic though; overweight and balding Max will still play a part – hooray!

Rockstar has said that Max Payne 3 will be a linear experience with an emphasis on big set pieces. According to the game’s Art Director (Rob Nelson):

“Gamers expect a more fully realised cinematic experience, even if the main mechanic is still shooting. And though this is a more linear game for us, people want to be constantly surprised and entertained in new ways.

So you need a lot of custom setups, the environments need to be varied, and all of that while keeping the gameplay fun and responsive – people have become really specific about how they want things to be controlled. It’s a lot more work!”

Rockstar also divulged a bit of information regarding the game’s use of the Euphoria engine. For those who don’t know, Euphoria is an animation engine that has been used in the past for titles like Grand Theft Auto IV and Red Dead Redemption. This means that when Max pulls off one of his bullet-time dives, he will land appropriately depending on the environment. Enemies will also react more realistically to bullet impacts making for a more immersive action game. Euphoria animation coupled with slow-motion bullet-time is an action game junky’s wet dream.

It’s all sounding pretty damn awesome; too bad there’s still no hint of a release date. Hopefully we’ll hear more at E3 this year as Take-Two have confirmed that they will be present at the expo.

Source: CVG