Amanita Design’s new “game” is bizarre

This just in: I freakin’ loved Machinarium. Like, I absolutely adored the hell out of it and the soundtrack hasn’t left my iPod’s playlist in months. So it goes without saying that the team behind the game, Czech developers Amanita Design, pretty much have my full attention at all times.

A while ago they announced that they are currently working on three new projects. The first of their three is out now and it’s called Osada – it’s also a little odd. Alright, actually it’s completely and utterly bat-shit insane, and I have very little idea as to what’s going on.

You can play through a portion of the “game” via their website right now. It plays like an interactive music video that’s kind of like Monty Python’s Flying Circus meets Rango meets a bad acid trip. If it appeals, then you can download a longer, offline version for the whopping price of R13.84! Buy it here.

And here’s the game’s official website.

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