Anno 2070 unveiled by Ubisoft

The Anno series has traditionally been set in the past with titles like Anno 1701 and Anno 1404, but the next empire building simulator will be set in the future. Anno 2070 will see players put in charge of one of two possible factions.

Set against the backdrop of an Earth suffering from the effects of Global Warming, players can choose between the Tycoons (who focus on industrial expansion and destroying the planet – obviously) or the Ecos (who tie-dye their shirts, braid their hair and only eat tofu – obviously). Alright so maybe the Ecos aren’t hippies, but they sound like they are.

The game will feature the franchise staple of an un-ending mode that sees you trying to maintain your empire by juggling resources, expansion and diplomacy. This will all take place in a “dynamic world” where the playable environment will alter depending on your decisions. There will also be multiplayer scenarios but Ubisoft is yet to provide further details.

According to the brand director from Ubisoft, Caroline Stevens:

“Due to the game’s futuristic setting, the development team wasn’t restricted by historical boundaries and was able to dream bigger than ever before. It’s a new take on a great franchise that both newcomers and longtime fans will love.”

Expect to see Anno 2070 hit the PC during our summer 2011.

Source: Eurogamer