New Black Ops DLC pack mistakenly revealed

Oh look! It’s another Call of Duty map pack that will probably be ridiculously over-priced. People will moan like hell on forums and comment spaces, and then proceed to buy it anyway.

The Australian game retailer known as GAME let slip about the incoming DLC via their website. The image (above) has since been pulled and we can assume that Bobby Kotick and his pack of rabid marketers descended upon the unsuspecting Aussies to promptly beat them with flaming flails for this overzealous error. Take THAT you kangaroo-loving jailbirds.

The DLC is entitled “Escalation” and the now absent description included words like “zoo”, “convoy”, “hotel” and “stockpile”. There was also mention of “Call of the Dead”. Our guess: four new multiplayer maps and a new zombie map. Expect it to hit Xbox Live on 03 May 2011 and later on the PlayStation Network.

Source: Destructoid