Portal 2 trailers with Cave Johnson

Who is Cave Johnson? Shame on you, Portal fan! He’s the guy who founded Aperture Science Laboratories back when all they made were shower curtains.

In the lead up to the April release of Portal 2, Valve has been releasing some tongue-in-cheek trailers for the first-person puzzler. There are two here for you to check out; both are narrated by Cave Johnson and both are pretty funny.

If the second one doesn’t make you want to order an Aperture Labs Turret, then you have no heart and you should begin to question your humanity. I mean come on, look at them… they’re so cute. I would by a billion of these little guys if they existed, just so they could say “good night” to me like they do at the end of the trailer. Bless.

[youtube]SidRFwLrUF0[/youtube] [youtube]eWQQ9cr7qKc[/youtube]