Take a peek at Unreal Engine 3

Kotaku and Gizmodo recently revealed the updated features found in Unreal Engine 3 via a worldwide exclusive video. We’ve already seen bits and pieces of what we can expect out of UE3 in the next generation of gaming hardware, but now we know a little more.

This new video shows quite a bit of what actually goes on under the hood of the whole graphics engine. There’s an extensive look into the user interface and all of its new features. So for you graphics and programming aficionados out there, it’s an interesting three minutes.

For the rest of you who have no clue what half of this stuff is (I’m included in this group), you can ogle the sweet, sweet graphics and quietly stress about how much it’s going to cost to upgrade your rig. You can also get overly excited about big terms like “subsurface scattering” and “deferred rendering”. I love a healthy dose of deferred rendering myself – oh wait, that sounds dirty.