Driftmoon is Notrium developer’s next game

Have you played Notrium? It’s a delightful freeware title that’ll teach you how to survive should you find yourself stranded on a hostile alien world. Actually, it’s more likely that it’ll teach you how not to survive, because you’ll spend much of your time dead, dying or well on your way to either as you struggle to survive cold, alien nights with nothing but a space peashooter in your possession. Play it. It’s fun and stuff.

That’s not the point of this here news piece, however. This is to let your brain know that Instant Kingdom, indie developer behind Notrium, is furiously toiling away at bringing you Driftmoon, a new RPG that looks rich in character and quirkiness. If you pre-order the game from Instant Kingdom, you’ll gain access to the current alpha build. It looks wonderfully charming. Watch the trailer below and visit the official site to see that charm for yourself.