UPDATE: Hey! There’s a Portal 2 comic!

Portal 2 is coming up; it’s less than three weeks away. To aid in the ever-growing hype machine surrounding Valve’s sequel, the people who’ve been busy coding the hell out of the game have teamed up with a bunch of comic book people to produce a Portal comic. Best. News. Ever.

The comic bridges the gap between the events of Portal and Portal 2. According to Michael Oeming, who is leading the team behind the comic, “it’s truly expanding the Portal world and narrative. I think we managed to touch on both the humor and subtle darkness of the game.”

To make things even better, Valve is involved with the project on every level. This means that the comic book team has access to every aspect of the Portal universe. The comic will feature Portal protagonist Chell and her involvement as a test subject at Aperture Science.

The comic has a distinctive art direction to it that fits with the game’s already minimalist approach to level design. Extra good news is that Companion Cubes and cake will make an appearance as well. You can check out the first part of the Portal comic this Friday via IGN Comics.

UPDATE: Here it is! Enjoy.

Source: IGN