Wondering how that Madden lawsuit is going?

On the 4th of April, it was revealed that one of the programmers for the original 8-bit John Madden Football game, Robin Antonick, was taking Electronic Arts to court. He claims that he’s owed money for work that he did on the Commodore 64 version back in the mid-eighties – royalty fees that he hasn’t received since 1992. He alleges that he signed a contract that entitles him to get a piece of all Madden game profits because they are all based on the programming he did way back when.

Enter Trip Hawkins, one of the original designers of the Madden games. He says that Antonick has a warped recollection of his role in the grander scheme of things. According to Hawkins, Antonick never worked alongside the entire Madden team; he was a freelance programmer who worked on the game’s code from home and was “one of many” people who contributed to the overall product.

Furthermore, Hawkins has pointed out that Antonick was never contracted to work on any other version of the Madden franchise other than the 8-bit version. He claims that Antonick was never approached to work on the 16-bit and greater iterations because those titles required “more advanced” programmers than Antonick. Zing!

Source: Joystiq