“New” Red Dead Redemption DLC arrives this week

In all honesty, when I saw this news crop up I had to suppress a “squeee”. And then any effort on my side was rendered pointless when I realised that the DLC on offer was really just the lame pre-order incentive stuff that retailers used to entice people back when the game launched.

Still, if you’re bitter about never getting the Red Dead Redemption pre-order DLC the first time, now is your chance to rectify that as all three items will be heading to the PSN and XBL on 12 April.

You’ll be able to pick up the Assassin’s Outfit (faster Dead Eye recharge time), the War Horse (fastest and strongest horse in the game) or the Golden Guns (earns you Fame faster) for a measly 80 MS Points or $0.99 (probably R10) each. Rockstar apologised for the delay in getting this DLC out for everyone and said that the same delay would not be the case for upcoming L.A. Noire pre-order DLC – a comment which we’re sure just pissed off a bunch of retailers, as it undermines their pre-order exclusivity.

Source: Eurogamer