Rage is all bullets and guns and faceshots

This man is clearly very excited for Rage. CAN YOU SEE ALL THE EXCITE?!

id Software’s released a new trailer for Rage (the game – not our awesome, lovely, tasty expo) that shows off a few of the shooty things with which you’re going to shoot dudes before they get the chance to shoot you with their own shooty things. It’s an impressively complex take on survival of the fittest, where the man with the biggest gun and/or sentry turret always comes out on top. Okay, so maybe it’s not all that complex, but holy crapballs does it look like an absolute blast. Also, there’s a super-sexy bladed boomerang of doom in there – and I must have one.

Rage is due for release this September, which automatically means that September wins 2011. Boomerang of Doom!

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