Trettons say the darndest things

People are easily confused between the two, because both use an unintelligible dialect.

Jack Tretton, CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment America, recently shot his mouth off about the PlayStation’s biggest rivals: Microsoft and Nintendo. Speaking to CNN, Tretton likened the Nintendo DS to “a great babysitting tool”. Do you have a Nintendo DS and are you older than twenty? Well then, according to Tretton, you’re too old to have one.

That’s right, twenty-something-year-old, you should rather have a PSP, because that handheld is not meant for kids at all. If you are one of the 145 million people who bought a DS, then you’re wrong and you should totally be more like the 67 million who bought a PSP instead.

Tretton took the opportunity to big-up the PlayStation 3 and Sony in general. Granted, he is the CEO so that is sort of his job, but there must be a way to promote your own products without sounding so out of touch.

Referring to Nintendo’s handheld as the “Game Boy experience”, Tretton said that it is: “a great babysitting tool, something young kids do on airplanes, but no self-respecting twenty-something is going to be sitting on an airplane with one of those. He’s too old for that.”

And as for the Wii, Xbox 360 and motion gaming in general, Tretton claims: “they’re starting to run out of steam now in terms of continuing to be relevant in 2011 and beyond. I mean, you’ve gotta be kidding me. Why would I buy a gaming system without a hard drive in it? How does this thing scale? Motion gaming is cute, but if I can only wave my arms six inches, how does this really feel like I’m doing true accurate motion gaming?”

It seems Mr. Tretton is on a winning streak with awesome quotes; just last week he was called “wrong” by fellow Sony employees in his prediction that the NGP would be delayed due to earthquakes in Japan.

Source: CNN [via Eurogamer]